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Here is the main text splitted userfriendly. All here listed parts are plain text..

E = Only experiences and infos.

M = Methods and partly additional experiences for explantation.

Points, which you not can find here, can you find in the whole maintext. The pages here are composed from the maintext.

(M.2) Energy method, the energy method is by far the easiest proof of supernatural abilities. It is easy to learn and provides often immediately the first results. The learning success is (particularly at the beginning) easy observable. That is the reason, why this method is especially for beginners very popular (as a start in the application of supernatural abilities). The supporting method "M.3.10" can be helpful in some points.

(M.2.1) Building of the bodies own energy: Here is a complete and short described training course described, with which one can learn the handling of energy and the work with energy. In the brackets at the end of each point is the (more or less well estimated) time mentioned, which one needs to master the practice in this point successfully. The described experiences can mostly be found in the group "". One can sometimes also experience additional supernatural experiences of the group "". Blockades and disturbances will be removed incidentally by the complete practicing of all methods according to the instructions.

(M.2.1.1) One breathes constant and concentrated. One holds the hands opposing each other. Then one lets the fingertips opposing each other, as if a sphere is between the hands. Now one moves a few times the hands towards each other and away from each other (distance 5-25 centimeters), as if one compresses the sphere and let it then relax. One should make sure, that the hands do not touch each other. After some time (mostly very fast, but it can rarely take some days of practicing) one can perceive the first experiences. One imagines with each breath that the tactile supernatural experiences become stronger (one concentrates with the desire, that they become stronger). After one has practiced it for some time, one can try own methods and variations to discover better for oneself. (Takes about 5 minutes to 5 days)

(M.2.1.2) One holds only one hand with slightly curved fingers in a relaxed position, where the fingers touch nothing. Now one tries to get in this hand the sensation, which one already knows from "M.2.1.1". One makes now oneself familiar with the sensation of the energy. (approx. 5 minutes to 2 weeks)

(M. Sub exercise "Blocking of external influences" All not interested people can skip this exercise. One must to master the preceding points of the energy method to be able to use this method. This simple method can be useful, if one suffers from external influences (incoming supernatural transmissions according to "" (images, emotions, physical energy sensations), incoming influencings,...) or energetic disorder. To block external influences and reduce energy disturbances, one needs just to generate the energy sensation in a hand and concentrate exactly on it. All influences must now gather in this hand and disappear then according to "" (and sub-points) into the environment. This method is only a provisionally solution, but it helps always and surprisingly effective. But if possible, this method should be replaced with a intentional concentration on the blocking of the external influences or an elimination of the energetic disorder (reduce overloads, remove blockades). It does not harm to use this method a few times.

(M.2.1.3) Before one goes to the next exercise, one MUST (!!!) learn to switch the supernatural perceptions on and off, by intentional concentration. A single deep breathing in and out helps. (probably more than 10 days)

(M.2.1.4) One tries to spread the sensation of energy (with the help of breathing and sensing) on the whole body . (takes 1 hour to 5 weeks)

(M.2.1.5) One tries then to control the sensation independent from breathing. The method "M.3.10" can be useful for it. One concentrates on points in the body and simultaneously on the energy sensation. One will learn with practice fast to "grab" and to "drag" the energy directly. The sensation during the moving of the "point" through the body leaves longer lasting traces. One can move the energy by concentration on small till large points (see "M.3.10.1"). This is much more difficult and may take a while. One can learn in this way to let the energy (by dragging) flow through each point of the body or to concentrate or to spread it. This method is less effective at the beginning, as the method with the "help" of breathing. But it will be reversed in the later course of the exercise, because the energy can then be moved now constantly and not only in bursts. Even, if this method is hard and ineffective at the beginning, this should be trained frequently. This method should replace the breathing technique as soon as possible. (1 week to 2 months)

(M.2.1.6) If one can relatively easy spread the energy sensation on the entire body, one can try to do it during the out of body experience attempt according to "M.1.2.6". This will make it easier to leave the body. (Duration: 1 day to 1 month). There are three possibilities to let the energy affect. In all three possibilities one can possibly use the breathing to control the energy. All three methods should be tested, sometimes one, sometimes the other.

(M. The first method is to lead the energy upwards in the inner of the body (beginning from the feets). This causes quickly an strong energy sensation. Alternatively the energy in the body can be pushed in other directions. But one should change the directions frequently. Sometimes one moves everything to the left side of the body, sometimes upwards, sometimes downwards and sometimes to the right.

(M. The second method is to push energy by concentration on the outside of the body, as if one wants to inflate oneself.

(M. The third method is to try to feel the energy in entire body simultaneously and to "observe" the energy sensation.

(M.2.1.7) One learns then to produce the sensation of energy at every point of the body (neck, legs, head, and all other areas) simultaneously.

(M.2.1.8) It is important to be able to feel the energy at all parts of the body with the same intensity. Only the hands (and possibly also the feet) may have a different (stronger) charge than the rest of the body. Areas without or with an weak energy sensation must be "trained" further. Temporal deviations should also be prevented.

(M.2.1.9) Sub exercises "self healing" and "removing of blockades". Not interested people can skip these exercises. These exercises can be combined well with out of body experience attempts. Instead of an ordinary out of body experience attempt one makes (after the lying down in a appropriate position) these exercises until one exits the body accidentally or has fallen asleep (what at least increases the chances of accidental out of body experiences and dreams).

(M. Sub-exercise "self-healing": This method is only for people, who want to heal themselves. During the generating of the energy sensation on the entire body (see "M.2.1.6") or diseased areas, occurs a kind of healing effect. Especially mentally caused physical illnesses and individual psychological (especially panic attacks, anxiety states,...) and other strongly physical tangible negative sensations will be severely reduced, and often with time (Caution: not always!) completely eliminated. But one should not apply the energy method solely due a disease, because one "must" then live with the energy. Furthermore it can be, that the effect on psychic problems will not always be positive.

(M. Sub exercise "removal of blockades": This method is only for people, who want to remove their blockades (see: "" and sub-points). All others can skip this exercise. This exercise requires, that one masters the previous points of the energy method. The removing is fairly tricky, but after several attempts the application of this method becomes much easier. During the attempt to perceive the energy in the entire body, one notices often, that the energy in some parts of the body can be only hardly or not perceived (according to ""). This are the blockades. If one concentrates on the areas in front and behind of the blockades (if necessary, with "M.3.10"), one should notice mostly the occurrence of zones with increased energy perceptions (according to ""). If one concentrates on these Zones and attempts to push this energy further through the blockade, then the energy will sooner or later also be in the area of the blockade perceptible. The intensified perception of energy before and behind the blockade does then fade. Furthermore it can help, to concentrate sometimes on the middle of the blockade. This perforates it, so that it dissolves faster. Blockades, which does not have intensified perceptions before and behind it, can be removed by concentration on the blockade itself and the areas before and behind it. The energy in the area of the blockade should become increasingly better perceivable, if one pushes the "concentration point" ("M.3.10") fore and back in the affected areas. In all cases, the blockades are removed, when the energy is perceptible on all parts of the body with the same intensity. More informations about this are in "" and sub-points. Please note especially the point about the recurrence of blockades: "".

(M.2.1.10) Now one should be able to feel and charge all the body parts simultaneously and that every time when one wants. The "switching off" of the energy sensation should be no problem. The side effects of the energy should now be as easy controllable, as a TV with a remote control. One should also be able, to feel always and everywhere the status of the own energy. But one must also be able to switch back within seconds into the normalcy of physical life. If one still cannot do all parts from this point here, one should learn it by repeated practicing of the here listed methods. If that does not help, one should read the text here again and try maybe out own methods or self modified methods. The energy must frequently (1 time per week to daily) be checked, and the exercises must also be repeated frequently. This takes mostly less than 10 minutes per day.

(M.2.1.11) If one uses still breathing techniques to move the energy, one should now try to control the energy during all applications directly (according to "M.2.1.5"). If one masters this, one has much more possibilities. The control should work within the whole body as well as possible.

(M.2.1.12) Sub exercise "Energy shift": One can shift a part of the own energy according to "". One concentrates on the energy sensation of a body part (hand, arm,...) or of the entire body. Then one concentrates simultaneously on the destination. The sensation of energy should change then, because one perceives then properties of the destination. This exercise is a bit difficult.

(M.2.1.13) If one has mastered all the points, one self will find out more. One should give it a try. (duration: one learns always more)

(M.2.2) Risks and Warnings: (additional point) Important warnings and notes, which I add due my own experiences.

(M.2.2.1) Exaggerating has never been good. One should let take it slowly. If one get dizzy during the practice, one should stop it. One practice then at the next day again.

(M.2.2.2) Exercises or experiments with other persons should only be made with their consent!!!

(M.2.2.3) One should make the exercise "M.2.1.3" BEFORE one does the following exercises. Otherwise, the experiences of the group "" can occur in unpredictable and enormous intensity. If this happens, it can be extremely unpleasant or even dangerous (example: in the road traffic).