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Here is the main text splitted userfriendly. All here listed parts are plain text..

E = Only experiences and infos.

M = Methods and partly additional experiences for explantation.

Points, which you not can find here, can you find in the whole maintext. The pages here are composed from the maintext.

If you not find all information to a here listed topic, read also in the page "other experiences". There are also some small methods for small topics in the description of the experiences included.


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"M.3" Other methods

"M.3.4" Silence of thoughts

"M.3.5" Meditation

"M.3.7" Detection of telekinetic influences

"M.3.8" Tips to prevent nightmares

"M.3.9" Finding and exploring the second layer of thoughts

"M.3.10" Focus on points within and near of the own body

"M.3.11" Switching off the visible perceptions (and the hypnagogic images):

"M.1" out of body experience methods and "M.3.6" Remotevieving are alredy listet in a other place


( Real physical sensations (like falling, temperature or moving) do not exist in real dreams. An exception are astral dreams. These are dreams during which one leaves the body (out of body experiences, during which one is in a dream). Noises are also almost completely missing. All these things occur only in normal (!!!) dreams if in the real world happens exactly the same. Example: If one dreams of wetness, one will only feel wetness when the real body gets wet (maybe caused by a pipe burst).


(M.3) Other methods: Here are methods of the smaller topics mentioned. Many of them require knowledge from more than one topic. That is the reason, why refer in many methods to other topics.

(M.3.4) Silence of thoughts Here are exercises listed, with which one can get silence of thoughts. The silence of thoughts is a state, where one has absolutely no thoughts floating around in the head. The silence of thoughts intensifies relaxation states, improves the concentration and makes it easier to make supernatural observations. The silence of thoughts provides also an improvement of supernatural perceptions and abilities.

(M.3.4.1) Sentence repetition method: One thinks in thoughts a senseless sentence or a motivational sentence with about 5 words (example: "Black beetles fly to Rome" or "I get now a silence of thoughts"). One repeats this sentence again and again and think only of this sentence. The repeating becomes over time harder and harder. The sentences and words are then interrupted increasingly more often. The second layer of thought (from "") becomes noticeable. One will archive the complete silence of thought, when it becomes too difficult to repeat the sentence (If one tries to continue only to repeat this sentence and if one does not let other thoughts come into the head). One can also try to stop at some point and to keep the silence. When the brain tries to let thoughts run, one should repeat this sentence again and stop after that repetition again.
(M.3.4.2) Think just the word "stop" and then nothing. Repeat only this word, if you are about to loose the silence of thoughts (similar with "M.3.4.1").

(M.3.4.3) One can also let the classic "Ommmmmm" run in thoughts to interrupt by this the own thoughts. Then one can try to stop to archive the complete silence. If the own thoughts start again, one begins again with "Ommmmmm". Instead of "Ommmmmm", works also all other, what can be said / thought in infinite lengths.

(M.3.5) Meditation: Lay down or sit down. The position must be comfortable. Now close the eyes. Then think concentrated about some specific things till your thoughts "stop" by themselves. The relaxation, that this creates, is very pleasant. Visual imaginations are also helpful. It is important, to keep the concentration to fall not asleep. It is also possible, to use one of the out of body experience methods (See "M.1") for meditation, because the relaxation is also the goal there. Furthermore, it is also possible to use the silence of thoughts (see "M.3.4") as a meditation technique.

(M.3.7) Detection of telekinetic influences: One gets some dices. Preferably two to six dices (the more, the better). One needs also some sheets of paper. One throws then the dices with the desire to get a specific number (The farther one throws the dices, the better). Then one notes on the sheets, how many times one had the desired number, and how many times one had another number (one can also note every number, which one rolls). One does this up to 20 times (no more!) or even only about 5 - 10 times (better). And then one makes a two-hour break. One repeats the whole thing as often, as one wants (the more the better). One counts then, how often one had the number, which one wanted. Then one counts how many times one had rolled. If the results bases on coincidence, about every sixth number should be a hit. In a list with 600 throws should be 100 hits. If one has than frequently deviations in a particular direction, one has detected an telekinetic influence (Example: one has almost always a few more hits, or one has always a few less hits, than should be). Particularly appropriate as desired numbers are the numbers, which one likes or not likes to roll (in dice games) (mostly 1 or 6). But note: That is no scientific method. It is just for trying.

(M.3.8) Tips to prevent nightmares, to abort out of body experiences and similar: Here are effective methods mentioned, which can prevent or abort nightmares. These tips work also in out of body experiences and astral dreams.

(M.3.8.1) This method has also helped me many times. Go, as usual, normal to bed. Imagine before falling asleep a situation, like you have it often in nightmares. Imagine then, how you can turn the situation into a good situation. For example: You can imagine how you turn the tables. (Possible example: Attack your opponent or tell him that he should stop.) Now intend, to do so in the dream. One must train this every time, before one sleeps. Don't forget: In dreams are you invincible. See necessarily point "". In many cases helps surprisingly to ask the "enemy" why he does it. In general, they will not say anything and just stay there or even flee.

(M.3.8.2) Is similar to "M.3.8.1", but here one practices a closing of the eyes. Short timed closing and opening of the eyes causes a changing of the situations and environments. That works during out of body experiences, during dreams and during astral dreams (see also: "" and "").

(M. If one lets the eyes closed for longer time, one will wake up sooner or later (see: "" and ""). It can take during some out of body experiences and astral dreams some more time, until one wakes up or until the environment and the situation changes. In this happens, I recommend to keep the eyes closed and maybe start to count until one is awake. It is important to note, that abortions with this method lead often to a waking up in a sleeping paralysis (see "").

(M.3.8.3) The loud shouting of the word "stop" is often enough to wake up from dreams, out of body experiences and astral dreams. The effectiveness of this method bases on a emotion change, which occurs during the shouting. This leads according to to a waking up.

(M.3.9) Finding and exploring of the second layer of thoughts: These methods are there to find the second voice or layer of thoughts, which is required for individual methods. See to this topic: "" and "".

(M.3.9.1) Discovery of the second layer of thoughts: To discover the second voice, one may need a trick, to perceive it separately from the first voice. Here is a very simple and effective trick. One thinks a few times a specific sentence. Optimal is the sentence (example) :

"I think this sentence, because proyect said it."

One thinks this sentence several times and then one thinks only the half sentence:

"I think this sentence..."

Now the second voice should automatically think the other half of the sentence (maybe in a very short time). One tries the whole experiment a few times in a row. One will notice, that an more unconscious form of thinking sometimes finishes the sentence.

(M.3.9.2) First step to get better control of the second voice. One way is to count from 1 to 100. Either one leaves out every second number, so that it will be counted from the second voice, or one lets the second voice repeat every number. With this first exercise one has a good start. From there oneself can then continue to learn, how to control the second voice. It should be noted, that the control may be very limited.

(M.3.10) Concentration on points within and near of the own body A technique, which can support the application of other methods, is the concentration of a point in the own body or in the near of the own body. This method itself is probably not so really supernatural, but a good point fixation can support many supernatural abilities and is for many methods even necessary. It is a very tricky thing, which can bring, in combination with other methods (especially the methods of the group "M.2" and similar), quite interesting results. One concentrates first on a (free selectable) point in the body, just to feel, how exactly this place feels. If one changes now the place, one notices, that the observed place is always point-like. It can be moved like a point through the entire body. People, who already master "M.2" in part or entirely, might notice, that the energy feels different during the moving of the observation point. If one masters that, one can now try to move the point outside of the body. The imagination, that one follows mentally a bee, can help. If one does this over short distances outside of the body, one notices, that the body areas under the "bee" feel addressed, although the "bee" is over it. If one lets the "bee" now circling around the head, one notices a interesting sensation during strong approximations and accurate fixing. One can also hold a pencil or something in the proximity of the head to get a better feel for the approaching. One will feel mostly a strange sensation, when it is brought very close to the body (without contact).

(M.3.10.1) The size of this point can also be changed with practice. One can concentrate on very small or on very large areas of the body. One can even concentrate at the whole body at once. It can here help to move the small point on a part of the body in circles. The sensable traces of the small point create a larger point, which can be easier grabbed.

(M.3.11) Switching off the visible perceptions (and the hypnagogic images): Sometimes one wants to deactivate the visual perception. For example, if these perceptions are distracting or if one wants to increase the passivity during an attempt to make an out of body experience. To switch the visual perceptions off, one must concentrate intensively on one of the other senses. Especially the physical sensations and the tangible supernatural experiences are useful. The most easy way is to applicate "M.3.10". This distracts particularly well from the visible perceptions. If one practices it frequently, one will learn fast to switch directly the eyes of.