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E = Only experiences and infos.

M = Methods and partly additional experiences for explantation.

Points, which you not can find here, can you find in the whole maintext. The pages here are composed from the maintext.

(2) Illusions: Here are some natural phenomena mentioned, which resemble supernatural experiences. They can be confused with the real supernatural experiences. Many people think, these experiences are real supernatural experiences. Skeptics believe even more often, that users of supernatural abilities misinterpret the here listed experiences. Not mentioned are the by the various illnesses, handicaps and genetic defects caused illusions. This list is (according to my current knowledge) also complete.

(2.1) Visible illusions: Not mentioned are the great numbers of possible pictures and patterns (so-called optical illusions), which pretend false movings, colors, shapes and sizes.

(2.1.1) If one observes a body part or an object during bright daylight from close proximity, one sees always a apparent thin yellow brown red layer. It can be particularly clear seen against bright light. This layer seems to be extremely thin. This is a phenomenon of refraction of different wavelengths of the light at surfaces. Shorter wavelengths behave different than longer wavelengths. They behave also a little bit different during the passing of near objects. This effect can be observed on each Object.

(2.1.2) If one observes an colored object for a longer time without looking away and without changing the viewing direction, and if one moves then (after a few seconds to minutes) the eye, one can see a colored spot. This spot on the field of view is for a long time visible. After the observation of red objects the spot is green, after the observation of green objects the spot is red. To every color exists such a "contrary color" or complementary color. The spot has always the respective complementary color. This is an effect of the "screen saver" of the eye.

( This can even be intensified. If one stares long time exactly at one point, one sees only gray. Only after a movement of the eyes becomes the environment visible again.

( Very shortly visible are dark and strong colored fields, which are sometimes during fast movements at the finger tips visible. These are under some conditions especially in the near of the rims of the field of view visible. These fields are up to 5 millimeters around the affected body parts visible. The color of these fields is a strong blue. During faster movement is the visibility much better. This is a untypical kind of the complementary colors. It is visible during fast movements!

( Rarer one sees also a strong yellow. During faster movement the visibility is much better. The rarer yellow colors are the complementary colors of the (faded) complementary colors.

(2.1.3) If one closes the eyes nearly completely and looks to a brighter light source, then one can see parallel light rays, which go seemingly out from this source of light. The rays shorten during slow opening of the eyes and they elongate during slow closing of the eyes. These are simply light reflections on the lashes.

(2.1.4) In the background of the field of view is, particularly during darkness, always (!!!) a uniform pattern of colorful dots visible. These are the individual photoreceptors of the eye. Supernatural experiences are, in contrary to these points, not always visible.

(2.1.5) During extreme fatigue and / or lack of concentration the hypnagogic images (see: "") can mimic other experiences. Such illusions vanish, if one concentrates on the seen experience. Hypnagogic images do never occur during successful full (!!!) concentration on an (not of hypnagogic images consisting) supernatural experience.

(2.1.6) Sometimes one sees bubble-cell-like structures, which consist only of shades of gray and have different shapes (round, long, curved, nets,...). They are always blurred and difficult to see. If one tries to look in the exact direction, where these structures are, one notices quickly, that these structures always move with each eye movement. After every eye movement, they float a bit further. The structures "fall" slowly down, when the eyes are motionless. During the tracking with the eyes accelerates their movement. These are specks of dust or dead cells on or in the eye. They are mostly completely harmless, but also no supernatural experience.

(2.1.7) Points of light: They are during bright daylight good against the blue sky visible. These shortly visible in masses occurring very tiny individual points look like a bright sparkling. They behave a bit like flies. They seem to be smaller than one millimeter and are always spreaded quite evenly. This effects is with open eyes visible. These points are almost not bound to the environment. These points are a entoptical phenomenon, which is called Scheerer's phenomenon. It is caused by single white blood cells, which let the blue light pass much better than the red blood cells. These large cells are in the small blood vessels like small windows, which let pass the light to the retina behind.

(2.2) Tactile illusions

(2.2.1) If one brings a body part in a wrong position, begins there rapidly a unpleasant tingling. If one then leaves the body part for some time in this position and moves it then again, intensifies this sensation temporarily (and this even during the motion) before it fades away slowly. Real supernatural experiences become weaker during movements. But supernatural experiences does not fade after a position change, if one continues to concentrate on the sensation (with the desire to feel these supernatural experiences). Supernatural experiences can be felt, with a little practice, in every position. This illusion is caused by nerves, which are pinched, while the body parts are in the wrong position.

(2.3) Audible illusions

(2.3.1) If it is completely silent, one can hear a faint noise in the ear. This is, when one can always hear it (during silence), a natural background noise in the ear

(2.3.2) Many people have a weak tinnitus, which can not always be heard. Others can hear after strong strains of the hearing (loud music, work,...) a whistling, hissing or similar.