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E = Only experiences and infos.

M = Methods and partly additional experiences for explantation.

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Experiences (aura only, the other visible supernatural experiences are listed in "seeing energy"):

"" Vision of the aura

"" focus on the field of view (required to consult)

"2" illusions are already listed (required to consult)


"M.2" energy method (required to consult, is already listet at energy)

"M.3.1" seeing and feeling of aura and energy:


( Vision of the aura: Here are all observable layers of the aura listed and shortly described. This group begins with the inner layers and continues then to the outer layers. The aura can also be felt as tactile supernatural experiences (see ""). But the tactile perceptions of the aura vary so much, that a useful description is not possible. To have a better overview, here are only the basic layers explained. All in these layers of the aura occurring effects and experiences are listed in the group "Visible supernatural experiences, which are not images" (see ""). The references to the double entries at the end of the respective descriptions lead to these complete descriptions of the respective layers.

( Aura 0: In the core of the miraging of Aura 1 A (see ""), is rarely a mass visible, which contains many bright light points. It is extremely close to the body. Probably it is normally within the body. That could be the explanation for the rare sightings. Collected double entry to the Group: ""

( Aura 1 A: Around the hands is often a kind of strong "mirage" visible, which moves very slowly. This experience is very good against big weak "light sources" (window at night, perhaps with curtains fore more darkness, walls are also appropriate, if they are not too dark) visible. It occurs usually in 5 millimeter thick layers (rare are thicker layers, extremely rare are such layers more than 5 centimeters thick). It looks like the mirage over a candle flame. The mirage can very rarely be much coarser. The layer is then much thicker. The Aura 1 B can cause in this case strong distortions of the background. During the day in bright light is aura 1 A harder to observe. Collected double entry to the group: ""

( Aura 1 B: The miraging of the aura 1 A (see "") can change during a intensive observation to a magnetic field like looking structure. This field is also always in motion. This experience is often visible after sudden interruptions of out of body experience attempts and interruptions of deep relaxation states. Then it will be noticed very quickly, because it behaves very lively. Sometimes one can see this experience and it's variants (sub-points) better against big weak "light sources" (window at night, perhaps with curtains fore more darkness, walls are also appropriate, if they are not too dark). Collected double entry to the Group: ""

( Aura 2: It can be perceived as spotty spreaded and colored patterns or circles. They change slowly their shape and their color. Mostly one sees several colors at once. Rarer is only a single color visible. These colors seem to flow. During the observation with open eyes one can notice a distance to the body. These colors react, when one puts the hand into it. The colors glow mostly more intensive in the near of the hand. Especially during the observation with closed eyes, these colors "feels" as if they are glaring bright. But their optical look is not as bright. This "brightness" causes a strange sensation during the observation of these colors. During daylight the colors are more transparent than during darkness. The apparent "Brightness" of the colors is during daylight lower. During the observation with closed eyes, these colors can be misinterpreted as tunnel. Especially, if these colors have the shapes of rings. Inexperienced applicators of out of body experience methods do this very often. The colors have a special distinctive feature. They repeat their course in intervals (mostly 2 till 4 seconds). After disruptions of the concentration starts often immediately an new interval. The repetitions are not absolute exactly. Each interval is a bit different. Collected double entry to the Group: ""

( Aura 3: This is a color, which seems often to emerge from the Aura 2. It seems than to replace the aura 2 or to push it aside. But it can also occur alone. This color is very transparent, has a low or lacking contrast and is mostly blue till purple. It is very rarely red, green or yellow. These colors do not flow. They do also not react, if one holds a hand inside. During daylight is the Aura 3 harder to observe, than the Aura 2. Collected double entry to the Group: ""

( AE X3 A: Often one sees a energy field around birds and other physical living beings. This experience can be observed particularly against very bright backgrounds (especially the bright blue sky). This experience is mostly visible around fast-flying birds. But one sees the effect only around the birds, on which one concentrates. This experience is not around the other birds (on which one does not concentrate) visible. It looks like a gray sphere, which surrounds the bird. This sphere elongates (apparently) during fast flight. Double entry to: ""

( AE X3 B: One sees often a kind of wind of miraging energy around trees. Often are several trees in the same stream. This experience is particularly during daylight visible. Double entry to: ""

( AE X4: Sometimes one can see streams of bright colored tiny points flowing over short distances between the fingers. The points can also be around the fingers. This Experience is often accompanied by slight mirages and flows of the Aura 1 A (""). These flows are a bit similar to the flows of the AE X3 B (""). This experience is particularly during daylight visible. Collected double entry to the Group: ""

( Concentration on the field of view One notices quickly during the observation of visible supernatural experiences, that one can influence or improve the results by some kinds of concentration. The experiences appear either immediately or at least faster. Sometimes the experiences are transformed or changed by the concentration. I call this kind of concentration "Concentration on the field of view". This concentration is a kind of access to the abilities of the astral vision. This concentration controls the "astral eyes". One can not explain, how one must concentrate and one can not learn this kind of concentration intentionally. Oneself must discover the application of this concentration. The discovery of this concentration can be promoted by the frequently application of the energy method (see: "M.2"). With this method, one can learn to generate the energy sensation in the face, which promotes the discovery. This promotion is not strictly necessary. For the concentration on the field of view it is necessary to relax the eyes. A method to learn this is to look in the blue sky and to try to see the illusion "2.1.7". If one sees this illusion, the eyes are relaxed. The same, what one does to see this illusion, must one also do, if one wants to see visible supernatural experiences. With intentionally relaxed eyes one can learn easier to see visible supernatural experiences. One can also promote the discovery of this concentration by sharp concentration on one point in or above the eyes (a helpful method is "M.3.10").

( Some visible supernatural experiences can be observed intentionally by this concentration, so that one does not need to wait for a "random occurrence" of these experiences.

( Some visible energy experiences require the concentration on the field of view to become visible.

(M.3.1) See and feel aura and energy: Here is described, how one can learn the observing of the visible supernatural experiences. The experiences are those of the group "1.2.2". Many of the here mentioned methods are guidelines, because the exact description is not explainable in words, if the reader has never experienced it. It is as would one have to explain a blind man the colors. Here I particularly mean a specific form of concentration on the field of view (see: ""), which one can only discover oneself. It can not be described in words. Only with this concentration it is possible to see the energy intentionally. These methods help to discover this concentration accidentally and to develop it as quickly as possible. A better way does unfortunately not exist. Most of the other authors do even not mention the existence of methods for the seeing of the aura (or other visible supernatural experiences), because they do not like to have to admit, that they can not give exact instructions. But the chance of the accidental discovery of the concentration on the field of view is high enough, to be able to declare the method for the seeing of visible supernatural experiences also in this kind as easy learnable. The best way is to test frequently all seemingly appropriate methods from here, until one sees the first supernatural effects. If that happens, it is important to learn to observe these effects intentionally, to practice in this way the concentration on the field of view. Then one can use exactly the same concentration for the other methods here. One will then get quickly good results with these methods. If these methods here do not work even after long practice, I recommend to make active (!!!) out of body experience attempts ("M.1.2" and see "M.1.3.1" for the topic active components) with concentration on visible experiences. Sooner or later one will see during the deep relaxation the experiences. If one can observe these visible experiences intentionally during the out of body experience attempts, one should try again these methods here. Mostly the successes will then occur quickly. If still no effect occurs (this is very rare!), helps only additional practice. It should be noted, that the most of the visible supernatural experiences can be perceived only for a very limited time (also dependent on the kind of the observed experience). Then one must "recover" for a while, before one can observe again. Probably the observation times are different from person to person. They can be increased by frequent practicing.

(M.3.1.1) Simple observing: One looks around at night in the room (the room should not be completely dark). One observes uniformly white backgrounds (wallpaper), patterned backgrounds (ceiling, furniture) and edges (doors, cabinets, tables). If one sees something, one should at the beginning look at a point next to it. If one can observe it longer, one looks direct on it, and tries then to see the energy object sharper. Then one can try to touch it and to feel the energy (see "M.2") and observe the change. (Important: One should never look for more than 10 seconds on the same point. When objects become bright or dark edges, one should necessarily change the direction of view to avoid false results (so-called illusions, see "2")). One can also watch friends (if they want to join) and their direct environment. One looks at the edges against the wall or against other bright uniform things (night sky).

(M.3.1.2) Viewing with closed eyes: One tries to see the same like in "M.3.1.1", and also to perceive the real environment despite closed eyes. One should always attempt to see everything sharper and more accurate. Then one compares that, what one sees with closed eyes, with the actual environment (by shortly opening of the eyes).

(M.3.1.3) Observing of the during light visible supernatural experiences: One practices "M.3.1.1" during light. One observes especially the movements of the environment. One can also look in the blue sky (warning, never look into or close to the sun!!!). One can observe plants, animals, birds against the blue of the sky. Then one can observe a possibly joined friend or a pet and look at the near environment around them. One should especially observe the hands / feets. One can try later, to see also the during darkness visible effects during daylight. One must pay attention to the illusions (see Group "2").

(M.3.1.4) Vision with the third eye: One tries to concentrate on the forehead, and looks a bit upward (not too high, only so high up, that one can see relaxed without practice). One tries to recognize something further upwards, outside of your field of view (Caution: Do not look to extreme upwards, otherwise there is a danger of injuries. One can not relax during it and it does also not help to increase the success.). It should be noted, that the third eye itself does probably not exist. The looking upwards triggers maybe a (physical) mechanism, which makes more sensitive to supernatural perceptions. The existence of this mechanism has indeed been clearly verified by experimental observation with this method, but the cause is not yet known. Maybe the cause is simply the unnatural direction of view, because humans look naturally straight ahead or slightly down.

(M.3.1.5) Vision during the deep relaxation: Ideally, one starts with an out of body experience method to relax. Either one lets, in contrast to the method, the eyes open or one opens them later. Both possibilities should be tried, because one can observe auras and energy only for a limited time and the type can vary depending on the state of relaxation. Particularly interesting are the effects close of the deepest relaxation. Perfect for achieving deep relaxation is: "M."

(M.3.1.6) Vision with energy: This method is a bit tricky but effective. If not already done, one learns the energy method ("M.2") until point "M.2.1.6". Then one tries to generate the energy sensation on the entire body, while one relaxes and watches the aura. One can also let the eyes at the beginning of relaxing closed, and open them later to observe. One gets very good results during the generating of the energy sensation in the face area or around the eyes.

(M.3.1.7) Observation after waking up or after sudden interruptions of relaxation states. If one observes directly after the waking up from sleep or after sudden interruption of relaxation states, one can often see the visible supernatural experiences much better. Important is, that one observes directly after the waking up. If one observes during darkness, one should not look into light before the observing (this includes illuminated alarm clocks,...).

(M.3.1.8) Vision of specific aura layers or kinds of energy: If one can see an specific experience, then one can also learn to see this experience again by intentional concentration. It works not always as reliable, but it allows an intentional observing of desired effects. To master this skill, one has just to do exactly, what one did at the last sighting of the desired experience. During this, one concentrates on the desire to see the experience or the respective group of experiences again. With increasing experience becomes the repeated vision of many experiences and groups of experiences much easier.