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Here is the main text splitted userfriendly. All here listed parts are plain text..

E = Only experiences and infos.

M = Methods and partly additional experiences for explantation.

Points, which you not can find here, can you find in the whole maintext. The pages here are composed from the maintext.

(M.1) Out of body experience Methods: The aim of many of these methods is, to let the body fall asleep while the consciousness is still awake. That means, that one experiences consciously the falling asleep of the own body. Some methods and tips are partially or completely there to increase the chance of accidental out of body experiences (which occur sometimes after the complete falling asleep). Choose the combination of tips and methods, which is in your opinion the most appropriate. The variety of methods is needed here, because everyone prefers or needs a different method. It can take up to 3 months until the first out of body experience. The most people have much earlier the first out of body experience, but some people have only after a longer time the first out of body experience. It is rare, that someone has, despite long trying, no out of body experience.

(M.1.1) Tips and tricks for out of body experiences Here are basics mentioned, which can increase the chance of success, if one follows them. But they are not a requirement.

(M.1.1.1) Before the attempt

(M. The temperature should be pleasant.

(M. One should adapt to the temperature with suitable sleeping clothes. One should wear on cold days long clothes and on warm days short clothes. This minimizes bad times.

(M. Possible disturbances and sources of noises should be avoided. With this I mean in particular noise sources, which are not constant. Unsteady sources of noise can be very disturbing (hamster in a cage near the place of the attempt,..). Disturbing are also sources of noises, which become active after long time spans (clock with bell). Disturbances during the attempt can lead to experiences according to "".

(M. If possible, the room should be dark.

(M. One should make sure that one does not eat flatulence causing foods at the day of the attempt. Noises in the belly are very disturbing. Furthermore one should eat only a bit in the last two hours before the attempt. To late eating causes fast falling asleep.

(M. If possible, alcohol should be avoided on days, during which one makes an attempt.

(M. One should change often the time of the attempts and the bed times. Too much getting used to fixed bed times reduces the chances of success.

(M. Dreamless sleep and seemingly extremely short nights or bad sleep (waking up without being really recovered) are hinds to problems. If not undue stress and fatigue are present, the causes are often just small things, such as non-compliance of one or more of the here mentioned tips. A (wrong time, wrong amount, wrong kind,...) unpropitious consumption of food, medicines, drugs,... may also be responsible for such a bad sleep.

(M. If possible, one should sometimes try to pause the sleep for an attempt (at night or in the morning). That could lead to success. The then present acclimatization on the sleep state and the reduced tiredness make the conditions more optimal.

(M.1.1.2) The out of body experience attempt

(M. When the sensation "that someone or something drags you" occurs, you should not fight against it and also not move. The dragging moves you then maybe out automatically.

(M. One should avoid an too fast interruption of the relaxation. One should always begin slowly with the moving and let the relaxation fade "gently". If one gets up too fast from the relaxation, it can happen, that one feels dizzy and strange during this day (see also the group "").

(M. The methods should be varied a bit from time to time. This increases the chance of success.

(M. On days, during which a method does not work (no pre-OBE-phenomena and / or no relaxation) one should try (no later than after 30 minutes) a other method. New methods should be tested at least 2-3 times, to know, whether they work or not. It can be, that one has tested a good method at a bad day.

(M. The effectivity of a method can mostly not be recognized by a immediate success. The kind and course of the pre-OBE-phenomena are better indicators for the recognition of the effectiveness. Goal of a method is to lead as deep as possible into the state of relaxation and to reach comfortable and free of complications the exit phase.

(M. During some of the attempts (but not all attempts!) one can also try to lay the hands on the belly. This causes an fairly quick energy balance. I experienced in this way my first out of body experiences. But it will loose the effect, if one does it too often or too frequently.

(M. Warning: Contrary to the most spreaded informations, the time of the occurrence of vibrations (See "") is the worst time to exit. Note the group "" and the there listed instructions.

(M. Many people, like me, have problems during the attempt to observe the environment or the black with closed eyes . It can happen, that the eyes begin to vibrate, flap and / or to begin to open by themselves. One can do nothing to prevent it. The only appropriate possibility is, to concentrate not on the eyes. That means, that one does not pay attention to the viewable things. During such a concentration one does not perceive any visible thing. Out of body experience attempts work also "without" viewing. That means, that one begins to see, when one is already out of the body. This is also much easier, because the transition from normal vision to astral vision is much harder than the direct beginning with the astral vision.

(M. If methods are suddenly very successful, it does not necessarily mean, that they will remain successful. Besides false "improvements", which one adds frequently, causes especially the periodicity (see: ""), that inappropriate methods have good successes. This is then obviously not permanent.

(M.1.1.3) Additional tips: Additional group with expensive and not always recommendable or feasible tips.

(M. One can turn down the temperature before the attempt, so that it is a little bit too cold for sleeping. Directly before the attempt, one adjusts a temperature, which is a little bit too warm for sleeping. Then one starts immediately the attempt. During the relaxation the temperature will be some when extremely pleasant and it will then promote an out of body experience. Then the heat will some when awaken the physical body. The memories will remain. Unfortunately, heating costs money. So this method should be applicated only on days, where one feels particularly good

(M. The eating of a (whole) bar of chocolate increases the chance, to remember an out of body experience or a dream. A specific content of cocoa increases the ability to remember for a short time. The effect is clearly noticeable.

(M. Use the influence of "". The use of the energy method ("M.2") makes it easier to recognize such phases (by observation of changes of the supernatural experiences). Use such days.

(M.1.1.4) Tips for the evaluation of out of body experiences: Here are methods listed, which are there for the recognition and evaluation of out of body experience experiences.

(M. Distinguishing of "external influences" and "internal influences" on out of body experiences and dreams.

This is one of the most difficult things, which exists in the field of out of body experiences.

The experiences during out of body experiences are caused by an combination of internal influences (everything, which has been caused by oneself) and external influences (everything, which has not been caused by oneself). External influences are caused by astral beings (ghosts and souls,...) or other people, memories (from someone or somewhat), real physical environment,....
It is a difficult task to separate these things. But the own thoughts follow also during out of body experiences and dreams a specific and fairly constant pattern.

If one uses a dream diary and if one evaluates this carefully, one will notice, that out of body experiences and dreams change over weeks and months. Dreams of the same week resemble mostly somehow each other, but dreams from last year are often completely different. But a portion of the patterns remains more or less similar. See also "".

Example: One dreams at a certain time often of woods with Indians. Months later one dreams again and again of space stations and aliens. And again some months later one dreams often of prehistoric times and dinosaurs.
But often is a part of all these dreams similar. Example: All people become enemies or friends, or one has often a bright red rubber boat.
The changing components are rather outside influences and the constant components are rather internal influences.

Such an analysis makes some effort, but it is very informative.

(M.1.2) Out of body experience methods Here are different out of body experience methods described. It is recommended, that these methods are applicated, while one lies on the back. One can also lie on the side, if it is not possible, to lie on the back (example: due health reasons). The application of these out of body experience methods promotes also dreams. It is important, that one does not use pure breathing techniques (or similar) during out of body experience attempts. If one uses such techniques, one should change it before the exit phase begins. The reason is, that breathing techniques disturb the sleep near state and the transition into the astral body. The normal attempt takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. With practice and experience, can the attempting time be stretched to up to 3 hours, while this longer time increases particularly the chance of an accidental out of body experience. But attempting times of more than 1 hour are not a requirement to make out of body experiences.

(M.1.2.1) Thinking method: One thinks during the attempt about something specific. Example: how the current computer game ends, or how one can solve the game, or about a movie, or.... But it should be nothing, what makes oneself worry. One should not pause the train of thought. One should also not let it slip into the senseless. Otherwise one can fall fast asleep. This method is a bit difficult.

(M.1.2.2) Observation method: During this method, one hears the surroundings, and feels what happens at the own body. One can also try to see something through the eyelids (the methods of the group "M.3.1" can be helpful, also the methods of the group "M.2"). But note, that one should not begin the exit phase with the seeing (see "M.").

(M.1.2.3) "Looking into the black" - method: Look into the black (what ones see with closed eyes), and watches only, what happens there. The eyes should be moved as little as possible (the methods of the group "M.3.1" can be helpful, also the methods of the group "M.2"). But note, that one should not begin the exit phase with the seeing (see "M.").

(M.1.2.4) Music or noise-method: One listens during the attempt to music or to a constant noise (of CDs, radio channels, the environment...). The heared should not have any extreme changes of the volume (example: every few minutes occurring loud drums, bells...). If one hears music, it is recommended to hear only one song in a continuous loop. One should concentrate during this method only to the hearing.

(M.1.2.5) Visualization method: One visualizes an environment and an action (example: flying). One attempts to see only this scene and with a bit luck one will fast "get out".

(M.1.2.6) Energy Method: One learns the method "build of the bodies own energy" (group "M.2" and sub-points until the point "M.2.1.6"). This needs many time, but if one has mastered it, one will have much more out of body experiences (the methods of the group "M.3.1" can also be helpful). Under some circumstances it can be useful, to remove the blockades during the out of body experience attempt according to "M.".

(M. Simple energy method: A simple method is to concentrate on a point outside of the body. Particularly appropriate is a point some centimeters above the forehead. The method "M.3.10" makes the concentration on this point easier. During the concentration on a point outside of the body will the attention be drawn on the astral body. This increases the chance for an out of body experience. This method works particularly good, if one combines it with other methods.

(M.1.2.7) Combined attempt: This is the combining of different methods. This method increases the chance of accidental out of body experiences. The application of more than two methods in a row is also possible (but one will almost always get tired after 2-3 hours). One can try different combinations, but it takes maybe some time until one finds the optimal combination. One should not give up. An example of an two-part out of body experience attempt is: One applicates a first method, as long as it is pleasant. Then one gets up and makes a 5 minute break (toilet, smoking,...). Then one applicates a other method. One can also applicate two methods simultaneously (it it is possible, example: breathing and seeing).

(M.1.2.8) Exploring Method: This method is there to learn, how the approaching of the exit phase really is.
##Step 1## One learns to know the border between sleep and awakeness. One simple way to make this is, to try to stay mentally alerted during the falling asleep (WITHOUT special concentration or similar). One tries to find out for oneself, how it "feels" when one falls asleep. It is a bit tricky, because one will finally have been fallen asleep. So one must think about during the next day, how far one can remember and what "happened". This exercise is after a few weeks not a problem. It can happen, that some accidental out of body experiences and dreams occur as side effects.
## Step 2: ## The actual out of body experience. Now, if one knows how the deepest relaxation state without falling asleep can be, one tries to achieve it again. One begins then exactly at this point with the out of body experience attempt. One can choose any Method. This method has brought me the most success. It is important to use no breathing techniques, because they can disturb the near sleep relaxation state.

(M.1.2.9) Silence of thoughts-method: One tries during the attempt to archive and to keep the silence of thoughts ("M.3.4"). It can be that one must train a long time to be able to keep the silence of thoughts.

(M.1.2.10) Counting method: One counts during the out of body experience attempt in the thoughts from 1 to 100 and relaxes during that. At 100 one can either start again from 1 or continue, depending on what is easier. The counting keeps the concentration during the relaxation phase stable.

(M. Advanced counting method (recommended method):

During this technique one tries to think in part or completely with the second layer (see ""). This causes a significantly accelerated relaxation and a accelerated and increased change of the consciousness.

Phase 1, Finding the 2. layer:

-One applies the easy method "M.3.9.1" ,to know what is meant with the term "second voice". One lies then down, like during an conventional out of body experience attempt. One begin then to count in thoughts from 1 until 100. When one has arrived at 100, one begins again with 1.

Phase 2, Train the 2. Layer:

-One tries during the counting to let a other voice repeat every number. This repetition must come, while one still thinks the number. Many people can do this immediately, while other people can doe this only then, when the counting becomes exhausting.

Phase 3, Only the 2. layer:

-One lets then the second Voice count alone. This could be tricky, because the second layer is difficult to control. If one has problems, one goes back to Phase 2 and starts later again with phase 3.

One should have already during the first training of these 3 phases very good results. A reason is, that the concentration with this technique remains stable. The mere counting with the normal layer is a good concentration method, but it will be strengthened by the effects of concentration on the 2. Layer. The properties of the 2. layer are the second reason for the effectivity of this method. Instead of counting, one can let the second voice speak other things. The effect is then still the same, as long as one keeps the second voice active.

(M. Partial counting method: The biggest problem of the actual highly effective advanced counting method seems to be the fast falling asleep. A solution for this problem is: One counts until the last number, which one remembers from the attempt before (because one has then still not fallen asleep). Then one proceeds with another method.

(M. Very effective partial counting method: A very effective combination is to concentrate during the counting with the second layer on a point outside of the body. Particularly appropriate is a point some centimeters above the forehead. The method "M.3.10" makes the concentration on this point easier. I suggest to look with the eyes a bit upwards to increase the effectivity a bit. The counting with the second layer and the concentrating on a point outside of the body draws the attention automatically on the astral body. This increases the chance to have an accidental out of body experience.

(M.1.3) Advanced basics of the out of body experience methods. Here is deeper general knowledge listed, which makes it easier to work with the methods. Parts of the here listed information has been, systematically considered, already mentioned. But I think it is useful mention these Informations here again in these contexts and sorts. This eases the application of the methods significantly. Due the importance of this section, I referred here less to other passages and described here more.

(M.1.3.1) "Active" and "passive" components: There occur often varying results during the application of out of body experience methods. In addition to the choice of the basic method, is every little thing, which one does during the method, very important. Does one look around, or pays attention to breathing, or feels the own body constantly to monitor the smallest changes. Each of these seemingly insignificant actions can have serious effects on the course of the attempt. The reading of this section is as important, as the reading of the methods section. One can construct and apply methods much more effective with the here listed informations.

(M. General basics of the application: The application of the components is very simple. One observes first, which of the listed activities one makes during an out of body experience. Then one writes down these components after the out of body experience attempt. During the next out of body experience attempt, one avoids the components, which tend to the undesired direction. These can be replaced by activities of the desired direction. For example: One has to choose only active activities, if one wants to make an active attempt. If one does not want to waive a component of the other direction (for example if one plans an active attempt and can not waive a specific passive component), one can check before, how strong it is. The strength of their effects is mentioned in the list. It is in some cases possible to use single weak components of the respective other direction without getting big disturbing effects. It depends from the method and the person, whose applicates the method. Therefore it must be tried. One should not use such components, if the disruption is too strong. The active and passive components can not be separated completely from each other. Every attempt has always both, active and passive components. And even a single component has almost always both, active and passive effects. One can change intentionally the balance in the active or passive direction to adapt the course of the experiment much better to the own needs. This can be done by a purposeful selection and control of the components. It is also possible to let an attempt first run passively and to let it then get active later (and contrary). One can also mix the conditions. The application of too pure active components leads to permanently awakeness during the attempt. The application of too pure passive components leads to extremely fast falling asleep. Both means, that one has no out of body experience. Both happens usually mostly during advanced and proficient application, because one can increase the degree of the "activity" or "passivity" often only after long practicing to a maximum.

(M. Active components These components require more own physical (and not-supernatural) activity, than the passive components. Hence the naming. Active components lead often to long attempt times (several hours are not uncommon) with various and often intensive pre-OBE-phenomena. They also reduce the risk to fall asleep. But they reduce also the chance of an exit. But actively induced out of body experiences are much more stable and clearer. These are the active components (or the following actions make an out of body experience attempt active):

(M. Breathing technique: The concentration on a breathing rhythm is very active. The keeping of the concentration pretends a falling asleep. The concentration makes also an exit very difficulty.

(M. Eyes: Moving of the eyes and / or intentional monitoring of optical events is also a strong active component.

(M. Body: If one monitors the own body (feels whether something happens), one produces usually an medium activity. Motion attempts cause an strong activity, particularly if they are done at the wrong time.

(M. Emotions: Emotions (fear, joy, nervousity,..) produce usually an moderate to very strong activity. The strength of the activity depends on the type and intensity of emotions.

(M. Interruptions and disturbances: If the attempt is interrupted by interruptions and disturbances, an strong activity is produced.

(M. Passive Components The passive Components are the opposite of the active components. They require only minimal efforts and activities. They lead to very short attempt times (experienced users need just minutes) with a greatly increased risk of falling asleep. During passive attempts only a few pre-OBE-phenomena can be perceived. So it seems often at the beginning, that these components are ineffective or have severe disadvantages compared to the active components. Passive components lead to out of body experiences and particularly to many astral dreams. The application of pure passive components causes more frequently out of body experiences than the application of active components. But these out of body experience are mostly not as stable and clear. These are the passive components (or the following actions make an out of body experience attempt passive):

(M. Thoughts: a thought in the first layer is averagely passive (a light active part is present, but one can feel it only rarely during intensive thinking). Thinking in the second layer is extremely passive (see the topic "layers of thoughts" "" and sub-points).

(M. Hearing: The hearing is averagely passive. But disrupting or interrupting noises (important: Also irregularities in (meditation-) music,...) trigger strong activity (if the state of relaxation is not even interrupted).

(M. Supernatural abilities: The intentional concentration on pure supernatural abilities (without moving anything on the body, including the eyes) is strongly passive. This includes sensing and seeing of supernatural experiences. The seeing must be done necessarily without any eye movements and without (physical) fixing (trying of physical focusing) of visible things. The sensation must be concentrated on pure supernatural experiences.

(M. Hypnagogic Images: The observing of hypnagogic images (see "" and sub-points) is also a highly passive component.

(M. Imagination: Imagination and "simulation" of actions, movements and similar are usually passive.

(M.1.3.2) Exit techniques Here are the actual exit techniques themselves described. They must be used during the actual exiting phase. If one is not able to reach the exit phase, one can try to use the methods earlier. This brings usually not a immediate success, but it can increase the number of accidental out of body experiences due the loosening of the astral body. One gets in this way also some practice in the application of the method.

(M. A good method is the mental imagination of a movement. But it must be done absolutely concentrated. Example: One imagines, how oneself is going. But one does this with a maximum of details. One pays attention on every movement in every single step and one does this all the time until one is outside. While one imagines these movements, the astral body will be more and more activated, so that the imagination becomes more realistic. Then the real movement of the astral body will start a few times (at the beginning often only very shortly, because the mostly sudden and surprising successful control distracts), until one gets the full control and starts to move. See also "" and sub-points.

(M. One can also imagine, that the ground disappears and one starts to fall. But one should be aware that one will start with this falling (frightening) and that one must fly to stop the fall. Or one imagines, that one begins to rotate or to fly or something.

(M. One can also concentrate on the energy sensation and generate a flow and let oneself float away by it. This technique is harder and has much lower chances for an successful exiting.

(M. One can also let an attempt run until one falls asleep. This increases the chance to have an accidental out of body experience. It will work most likely with extremely passive techniques. One should also try active components (to the active and passive components see "M.1.3.1").

(M.1.4) Methods for the application during the out of body experience: These methods can be applicated during the out of body experience. The number of possible methods is very big. Therefore I mentioned only the most important methods to ease the time in the astral world. All other in this text mentioned methods work also during the out of body experience.

(M.1.4.1) Methods to remove or avoid problems: Problems can occur during the out of body experience.

(M. Removal of limitations during an out of body experience: Out of body experiences are at the beginning often very blurred and limited. Limitations can also occur long after the beginning of the out of body experience. These limitations can be removed.

(M. Removal of limitations of the sight during a out of body experience: It can happen, that the sight at the beginning or during an out of body experience is blurred. Sometimes one sees only a small part of the field of view, while the rest is black. To improve the sight, one must look concentrated and exactly in the environment. By this, the sight improves itself. It can also be helpful to say "Clarity, now!". By the saying of these words, the sight can also become clear.

(M. Removal of limitations of the mobility during an out of body experience: It can happen, that one can move only with effort at the beginning or during an out of body experience. To improve the mobility, one must do every movement of the limbs with exact concentration. Step by step and one by the other. The attention during the movement improves the mobility.

(M. Removal of limitations of the ability, to fly, during the out of body experience: Sometimes the flying works not correctly. If that happens, one should land or stand still and start over the attempt to fly. It works almost always, if one tries it some times.

(M. Removal of limitations of the ability, to go through walls, during the out of body experience: If the passing through the wall does not work, one can try to generate a energy sensation in the hand. This energy sensation feels similar, as the inside of a wall. Therefore it eases the passing through.

(M. Removal of limitations of the ability, to influence the environment, during the out of body experience: If a object does during the concentration not, what one wants, one can use a trick. One moves the finger or the arm, while one concentrates (like a magician in a movie). This movement supports the concentration and makes the influencing easier.

(M. Removal of fears during the out of body experience: When one has fear, it helps to concentrate on a certain task. The action during the completion of the task distracts from fears. Against other fears helps "M.3.8". If one knows, that one can every time terminate the out of body experience and that one is invincible, one has no fears anymore.

(M.1.4.2) Methods for the influencing of the environment: It is often necessary to influence the environment.

(M. Influencing of the environment: One concentrates on the object, which one wants to influence, and on the kind of influence. Example: If one wants to move it telekinetically, one concentrates on it and imagines, how it moves. The object will then move. All kinds of influencing (destroying, repairing, changing the shape and / or kind of the object,...) are possible in this way. One can also create objects.

(M. Changing of the environment by closing of the eyes: To change the environment, one closes the eyes for some seconds and opens them then again. The environment changes by it according to "".

(M.1.4.3) Methods for the locomotion during the out of body experience: These kinds of locomotion are important.

(M. Going through walls: To go through walls, one approaches first the wall. One inserts first the hands in the wall and goes then through. One feels during the going through often a resistance. If one can not insert the hands in the wall, one must concentrate exactly on the hands and try it, until it works. Sometimes it needs some tries, until one can pass through the first wall. One should only pass through walls, if it is necessary. One sees nothing in the wall, therefore the environment looks different after one has passed the wall. Furthermore, the out of body experience can become a dream due the concentration on the passing.

(M. Flying: Flying is simple. One concentrates one the desire, that one moves upwards, and one takes off. If it does not work, one can flap with the arms or make swimming movements. One feels then a resistance in the air and can swim in it. This works almost always.

(M. Jumping: One can jump during the out of body experience far and high. One must concentrate during the jumping on the place, on which one wants to land. If one concentrates exactly on this place, one lands there.

(M.1.4.4) Keeping an out of body experience stable: To prevent, that the out of body experience becomes a dream or that one awakes, one must do several things.

(M. One should always remember, one is in an out of body experience. One should have this thought again and again in the head. If one thinks frequently of this thought, the out of body experience remains stable and clear. If one forgers this thought, the out of body experience becomes a dream.

(M. One should not concentrate too much on actions. One may not concentrate so much on something, that one forgets the thought of the out of body experience. If one concentrates too much, the out of body experience becomes a dream.

(M. One should stay calm. If one is too excited during an out of body experience, one can wake up due it. Therefore one must stay calm during the out of body experience and avoid too exciting situations.