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E = Only experiences and infos.

M = Methods and partly additional experiences for explantation.

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Experiences and basics

( Self-healing and healing others



"M.2" (energy method) and "M.3.3" (energy transmission) are listed separately.


( Self-healing and healing of others: The ability to heal partly (!) oneself and also others (But this does not replace the doctor!). The described therapeutic effects appear partly quickly (reduction of pain) and partly only slowly and sometimes even never. Many diseases are not curable with supernatural methods. Other diseases can only be temporarily (during the treatment and sometimes with longer-lasting effect) treated by weakening of symptoms, while then often no actual healing progress occurs. The most easy treatable diseases are many kinds of headache. A few symptoms are causes by blockades (see ""). The most of these symptoms are accompanied by strong supernatural experiences.

( If one works or practices with energy, oneself gets the ability to recover faster from diseases. This is done automatically, just because the energy has a healing effect. If one applies energy methods with the desire to heal oneself, enhances this the therapeutic effect. A good method for self-healing is a generating of an energy sensation at the diseased areas. The required perception of the energy can be learned with the "energy method" (see "M.2").

( During a supernatural transmission (see "M."), with the desire to heal the receiver, occurs a healing effect on the receiver.