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E = Only experiences and infos.

M = Methods and partly additional experiences for explantation.

Points, which you not can find here, can you find in the whole maintext. The pages here are composed from the maintext.

(1.2.1) Tactile supernatural experiences Here are all tangible supernatural experiences listed.

( (Rather) direct sensing of energy Here are the experiences listed, where one feels the energy directly during the experience.

( Surface sensations All tactile perceptions at the body surface are here listed. The causes of these experiences can be (if not other causes are mentioned) own actions (concentrations,...) or external influences (astral beings, supernatural transmission (""),...). The here listed experiences can be, if not otherwise described, experienced and controlled intentionally by application of the energy method (see: "M.2").

( Simple perceptions Here are the perceptions mentioned, which are not caused by energy links.

( Very frequently are various forms of mild to severe tingling. This tingling can occur on by energy from inside or outside influenced (body-) areas or on areas, which are strongly loaded with energy. It can also be caused by concentration, what means, that the actual causes are triggered by concentration. This sensation can often be first perceived on the hands and feet. But it can also be felt everywhere on the body. One needs often (But not always!!!) a slight concentration on the affected areas of the body to perceive this experience. This experience can be experienced intentionally by application of the energy method. It occurs often together with "". This experience can also displace "", so that the pushing and pulling can not be perceived (anymore), but it is more frequently inversed.

( A sensation of pushing or pulling can occur on by energy from inside or outside influenced (body-) areas or on areas, which are strongly loaded with energy. It can also be caused by concentration, what means, that the actual causes are triggered by concentration. The sensation can often be first perceived on the hands and feet. But it can also be felt everywhere on the body. This sensation can come from both directions, from outside and from inside of the body. This experience can be experienced intentionally by application of the energy method. This experience occurs often together with the tingling of "". This experience can also displace "", so that this tingling can not be perceived (anymore). More rarely it is inversed. It seems, that the sensation of pushing and pulling displaces the tingling partial or even complete with increasing practice. The sensation can lead to a strongly warped perceiving of the body and the pretense of movements (In particular during out of body experience attempts!). Often parts of the body or even the entire body are virtually "packaged" into this sensation, so that one feels like to be enclosed in concrete. One believes then, that one can hardly move. But movements are always possible and the sensation of immobility disappears instantly, if one moves. This sensation can also be confused with a strain of the muscles. A misinterpretation of this perception can lead to a kind of "force" to move the affected body parts to reduce the "pressure". But these movements are not necessary.

( Often one feels some kind of numbness on by energy from inside or outside influenced areas or on areas, which are strongly loaded with energy. It can also be caused by concentration, what means, that the actual causes are triggered by concentration. The sensation of numbness lasts only as long, as the affected body parts are not moved. After strong influence by energy remains a strange sensation after the movement, which mostly lasts less than 5 minutes. This sensation of numbness can often be first perceived on the hands and feet. But it can also be felt everywhere on the body. This numbness ends, if the cause (energy method,...) has ended and one concentrates again on the normal physical body sensations. This sensation can lead to a strongly warped perceiving of the body (In particular during out of body experience attempts!). This experience can be experienced intentionally by application of the energy method. To experience this numbness, one has to perceive intensively the experiences "" and/or "". Then the numbness occurs as additional effect.

( One feels often during the attempt to move the affected body parts, a strange sensation as if this movement is braked. The cause is probably, that the energy strives steady to build stable links and structures. These structures build a resistance against everything, which reduces this stability (for example against movements). This experience can be experienced intentionally by application of the energy method. To experience this braking of movements, one has to perceive intensively the experiences "" and/or "". Then the braking occurs as additional effect during slow and careful movements.

( During the moving of the fingers occurs often a kind of impulse. A small "lightening" often occurs immediately after this impulse. This sensation is similar to the sensation of a very weakly perceptible light electrostatic discharge into the affected body parts. The cause of this sensation seems to be a sudden change of the charge state by the movement. The cause for this is a sudden decrease of the stability, which triggers a very fast disappearance of a part of the there stored energy. This energy became immediately surplus due the reduction of the stability. This experience can be experienced intentionally by application of the energy method. To experience this experience, one has to perceive intensively the experiences "" and/or "". These sensation of an impulse occurs then during fast and sudden movements. Especially, if the body parts has not been moved before for some seconds till minutes.

( The tingling and the other aforementioned energy sensations can on small till large areas (especially during the application of intensive methods) be displaced by strong itching till mild stinging (the tingling subsides and the stinging begins). This is a process of adaptation of the own astral body. This experience occurs only very rarely. Intentional experiencing of this experience is very difficult. To experience this stinging, one has to archive a deep relaxation state and to apply the energy method. This increases the chance of experiencing of this experience. The experiences "" and/or "" must be perceived very intensively for an further increasing of the chance to perceive this experience.

( A tingling sensation (similar, but not identical to "") can run over parts of the body or the whole body (a kind of goose bumps). It leaves often a short lasting pleasant sensation. This experience can very often be perceived during energy experiments with other persons or astral beings and supernatural contacts with other persons or astral beings. This experience occurs often unexpected. This is also possible in situations, were one does not think about energy or similar. The intentional experiencing of this experience is difficult to achieve. It can be triggered by emotions (joy, excitement,...) and by supernatural transmission ("") in combination with frequent practice of energy methods (for sensitizing).

( This sensation can also force (in a pleasant way) to shake oneself shortly.

( Perception of energy links Here are experiences mentioned, which are caused by energy links and their effects. See also the topic "energy links" ("" and sub-points).

( If a concentration of energy is on two close together positioned body parts (for example, two fingers), these seem to be linked by a flow of energy. One feels then a pushing and pulling according to "". It feels almost, as if one stretches and compresses a chewing gum between the fingers. Slowly moving with and against the resistance reinforces this sensation. A resistance against the increasing of the distance and/or a resistance against the decreasing of the distance can be felt. The kind and intensity of the sensation is dependent on the distance. At a certain distance is no resistance perceptible. This resistanceless distance is dependent on several factors, like the amount and the concentration of energy. If the distance is shorter than the resistanceless distance, one can feel a resistance against further reducing of the distance. One can feel a resistance against further increasing of the distance, if the distance is bigger than the resistanceless distance.

( The respective optimal distance, where no resistance is perceivable, changes often in the course of the experiments with this experience. This changing is slow and not suddenly.

( If one holds a distance, were a resistance can be felt, reduces the resistance often (but not always) slowly, till this distance becomes the resistanceless distance.

( If one accumulates energy in the affected body parts, increases the resistanceless distance.

( If one reduces the energy in the affected body parts, reduces the resistanceless distance.

( During the increasing of the distance, one can feel often slight vibrations till strong trembling. This happens particularly, if one perceives very stable energy links. One can perceive this vibrating and trembling till the deeper zones of the affected body parts.

( Tactile supernatural experiences weaken or disappear, if one touches the affected body parts with other body parts or physical objects. Shortly after the touching returns the perception of the tactile supernatural experiences. Sometimes returns the perception even during the touch. But the energy feels often different during the touching. This is caused by a balancing of the energy during the touching and / or an interaction of the energy with the touching object or body part. A other cause is the distraction away from the perception of the energy by the physical feeling of the touch. The disturbance of the concentration, which is caused by the touch, can also be a cause.

( After the ending of the touch, it mostly takes one till several seconds or even longer until the tactile supernatural experiences feel again like before the touch.

( If longer (mostly more than 5 minutes) touches between body parts are interrupted, the perception of the energy on the points of touch feels, as if the energy was torn off. The tingling is different, nastier and intenser. It seems to feel like, as if energy escapes or something is open. While this experience persists, are the energy perceptions particularly in the vicinity of the affected areas significantly weaker. This experience lasts not very long.

( This sensation can rarely also occur without previous touching. The cause is probably an external influence (astral beings,...).

( If one holds over a longer time (some minutes or more) two fingers in very close distance to each other, one can have rarely a sensation, like a small electric discharge or like a flea, which jumps against the fingers. This happens almost only over very short distances (less than 5 millimeters). Intentional experiencing of this experience is possible by the application of the energy method. The occurrence of this experience depends a bit from coincidence. One applies the energy method and holds two fingers very close to each other. The experiences "" and/or "" must be then perceived very intensively. The fingers must be observed carefully, to ensure that these does not touch each other. With a bit luck, the sensation can be felt a few times.

( Inner sensations All physical sensations, which affect not or not only the body surface, are listed here.

( Changes of consciousness and similar changes of the state Here are the changes of the consciousness mentioned (Without the aid of any kind of "stuff").

( Changes of the consciousness are possible. This state can be similar to the state after the drinking of alcohol. But during by energy caused changes of the consciousness, one is almost always sober-minded. Informations to methods are in "" and sub-points. These changes of the consciousness can be triggered by a intentional concentration, which one has to learn by experience with the in "" mentioned relaxation techniques. The aim of these relaxation states is to sensitize oneself for supernatural perceptions to be able to change the consciousness intentionally. These changes in consciousness can be triggered during the awakeness (If one is physically not too active, because own activity disturbs the state. Good places are schools, offices, waiting rooms, own home...) and during the relaxation.

( Perceptions of the position and the form of the body and the body parts Here are experiences mentioned, which concern the perception of the position and form of the body and the body parts.

( With closed eyes, one often can perceive a false position of the body. One believes, a body part lies elsewhere, than it really lies. As long, as one does not move the affected body part, it feels very realistic. That sensation disappears immediately if one moves the affected body parts. This experience occurs mostly during deep relaxation. An intentional experiencing is possible by asymmetric (or irregular) concentration on some body parts.

( The sensation of "" can often be accompanied by a highly distorted perception of the body. The distorted perceptions can also occur alone. Some variations of this experience are caused by "" and "". But the most variations of this experience can also be caused by a irregular spreading of the energy (Which can be created consciously or unconsciously.). One concentrates on a part of the body and this concentration attracts energy. This energy causes more attention. This attention attracts more energy. In this way can the attention and the attracted energy lead to very extreme perceptions of the proportions of the body.

( Apparent movements Here are experiences mentioned, which fake movements.

( A sensation as if one moves shortly or floats shortly, can be percepted often during light relaxation. Every single movement perception lasts mostly less than a second. This sensation can be compared with being pushed by the wind. It occurs often only on small areas of the body. This experience can be experienced intentionally by application of the energy method and/or by imagination of a movement.

( If objects are observed during a slight relaxation over a longer time, they seem to move or to flow. The impression of the environment changes. If the ground flows under one, than one often feels this movement according to "". This experience occurs mostly during daylight. Probably is the perception of the movement partially dependent on the concentration on this kind of visible supernatural experiences. A tight binding of the movement to the sighting can be excluded, because the perception of the movement can also occur without a sighting of this experience. It is more probable, that one archives by the concentration on the field of view (see: "") and the simultaneous relaxation a state, which makes both perceptions possible. The perception of the movement and the perception of the visible experiences. Double entry to: ""

( Vibrations Vibrations are a transition effect, which occurs during relaxations. But they do not occur always. It is more probable, that the more practice one has, the less frequent is this experience. This experience can even never occur again. The Vibrations indicate probably, that the body is still not adapted to the conditions. Vibrations does not occur anymore, if the adaptation is complete. Note: There is an exercise or concentration, which can significantly promote the vibrations and speed up their occurrence. But this method can only hardly be described by words. I would describe the method so: One has to applicate a very strong active method (see "M.1.3.1") with a simultaneous very strong concentration on the inside of the body (trunk, head). Then one must build with this concentration a (partly energetic) pressure from inside to the outside. Unfortunately, these are only words, by which I can explain this technique only to those, who already know what is meant. If one applicates this technique "accidentally", then one experiences often very fast the vibrations. Most probably it comes to such accidental applications, when one concentrates strongly on the body.

( Vibrations: These are some, partly very unpleasant, disturbances of the perception of the body, which often occur very suddenly or fast. A kind of slight till severe trembling can often occur during the vibrations. The intensity of the tactile supernatural experiences raises rapidly (Especially: "", "" and "" but other experiences are also possible). In addition, these supernatural experiences can build up a kind of pressure. All other supernatural perceptions can also intensify rapidly. This large number of intense perceptions can lead quickly to panic and loss of relaxation. Very often seems the breathing to be problematic. When one notices this, the breathing becomes more difficult, the deeper one gets into the vibrations. This happens, because the body falls asleep and tries to switch to the automatically sleep breathing. But this is disrupted by the vibrations and the own concentration on the breathing. Oneself is awake and tries to breathe consciously. Simultaneously tries the automatic sleep breathing to take the control. This causes a conflict. The conscious control will be more and more taken away. This makes the breathing seemingly more difficult. That is the reason, because one believes to have problems with the breathing. With more practice, one can keep the vibration phase longer stable. The perception of vibrations may be partly very severe. Vibrations occur mostly during out of body experience attempts and other relaxation techniques. Vibrations occur less frequently during or before "normal" falling asleep or during sudden sleep interruptions (In this case often accompanied by sleep paralysis (see "")).

( More rarely one can feel during deep relaxation the heart beating. One can clearly feel the heart beat (or pulse) in the whole body. One feels the blood pressure pulsating in the whole body. This sensation can be very worrying and so force to the termination of the relaxation state. This experience occurs often when "" is perceived over longer time and gets intensified by keeping up the relaxation.

( Similar to "", but here can other internal body functions (digestion,...) be felt. This experience occurs rarely and forces also to a termination of the relaxation state.

( Temperature perceptions Here are all supernatural and supernatural influenced temperature sensations listed.

( The temperature seems to get warmer. More rarely the temperature can get seemingly colder. The sensation during this "temperature fluctuations" can often be strange or different from "real" or physical perceptions of the temperature. Very rapid state changes of this perception are sometimes possible. This experience can occur during slightly relaxed everyday states and also during deeper relaxation states.

( Sometimes one can feel a spotty spreaded strange perception of coldness on the body. It occurs during heat (too high temperature) in combination with slight to strong relaxation.

( More rarely can a spotty spreaded strange perception of warmth occur. Partial double entry to: "".

( By separation of the astral body and the physical body caused experiences Here are experiences mentioned, which are caused by the partial till complete separation of the physical body and the astral body. Not all here mentioned experiences are caused by intentional separations. Many of these experiences can also occur without intentional separation. Note: Not every separation experience is a sign, that one has reached the exit phase. Many separation experiences can even occur, if one is still far away from the actual exiting phase. Required for separation experiences is, if not otherwise specified, a deep relaxation.

( Smooth (and mostly only partial) separation experiences Here are the slower separation experiences mentioned. These experiences can often be (especially at the beginning of the occurrence) only at some parts of the body perceived.

( Often occurs a spotty spreaded strange perception of warmth at the areas, where one leaves the body. This experience occurs mostly long before the actual exit phase. This experience does not indicate, whether one can exit the body or not. The cause of this experience could be, that the separation is still not complete and the astral body is still bound at the physical body. Maybe causes the dragging at the binding the sensation of warmth.

( Trembling occurs during many early exiting attempts. It can be especially during too early movement attempts quite strong till extreme. This forces usually to the abortion of the exiting attempt. This experience can be experienced intentionally during slight till deep relaxation by extremely slow moving with a simultaneous concentration on the tactile supernatural experiences during a relaxation.

( During an optimal exiting one does not notice anything special while one leaves the body. One feels no resistance during the moving out of the body. It is similar to the normal standing up. The most of the successful out of body experience attempts and virtually all unintentional triggered out of body experiences begin with this kind of exiting. This kind of exiting occurs during extreme deep relaxation, when the physical body is asleep.

( One can sometimes, during or after the exiting, be pulled back to the body. This happens especially when one is in a unstable beginning phase of an out of body experience and if one can not keep the concentration properly. The instability is often caused by early or improper exiting.

( The intentional movement out of the body can be very exhausting till surprisingly easy. This depends on the respective conditions.

( The pictures from "" and / or "" are sometimes a kind of transition to the out of body experience. One starts to see these pictures. These pictures becomes slowly (till fast) clearer and clearer and then one can leave the body. For this one needs a lot of practice! Due to the fact, that this is an exiting experience, this experience was filed, in contrary to the systematic, also here (at the tactile supernatural experiences).

( During full conscious exits, one gets often before the actual exit the control of single or several astral body parts. Sometimes one can move an astral arm and sometimes an astral leg. This happens often also, if one is at the beginning of a dreaming phase and begins to move. Often the control gets quickly lost, when one notices this movement. If one is well concentrated, one gets more and more control till one can leave the body. One should note, that the movement of this experience is easy and quick. (while the movements during too early and/or incorrect movement attempts (Where one pulls the physical body by the attempt to move the astral body.) are difficult and slow (centimeter by centimeter)).

( In many of the out of body experiences, which start with this exiting experience, are the consciousness and perceptions of the environment very limited at the beginning. One sees sometimes nothing or only small patches of the field of view. The perception of the movement lacks often or is only weak. All these limitations has to be removed by intentional concentration.

( During mental imagination (simulation) of physical movement can the astral body suddenly start to move according to "". Often ends the controllability of the movement due the noticing of this movement. With increasing practice works this exiting method better.

( A sensation of two bodies is possible. These two bodies can often hardly be distinguished due the superposition. But clearly recognizable separated perceptions of the two bodies are also possible.

( Faster till extreme by separation and falling back caused experiences The here listed experiences are mostly caused by falling back of the astral body in the physical body. Often these experiences are triggered by interruption or disruption of relaxation states and out of body experience attempts. Probably some of them have (at least at a part of their occurrences) also other causes and triggers. This can be concluded, because some of the here listed experiences occur without disruption of the relaxation states and at regular intervals. All here described experiences are accompanied by a little till strong fright and a following pleasant, slowly decaying, in the whole body occurring sensation. These experiences can be accompanied by different noises. The kind of these noises can vary. Deviations from the here described noises are possible. The here mentioned experiences can partly occur during the returning after an out of body experience. Contrary to some rumors, one can not use these experiences as an aid to exit. The reason is, that the occurrence of these experiences is a sign, that the astral body already has fallen back into the physical body. The relaxation will be strongly reduced by these experiences and one must virtually restart the relaxation. All here mentioned experiences occur almost only during deep to very deep relaxation states. The possibility of intentional experiencing is limited. The best way to trigger such experiences is sudden interrupting of the relaxation by noises, touches (from other people,...) and other unexpected disruptions. Sometimes are even own actions (movements,...) the triggering disruption. Only some of these experiences can be experienced by intentional triggering. An "option", to experience specific or choosed experiences of this group, does not exist.

( Experiences, which occur most once or a few times at irregular intervals: The here listed experiences occur during a single relaxation state mostly once and only rarely several times. These experiences can sometimes also be experienced intentionally.

( Sometimes one sees during the relaxation a sudden bright flashing on the entire field of view. The whole field of view gets for a split second a uniform spreaded, bright color. This bright color has often horizontal lines. These parallel lines are often jagged. It looks like a faulty television channel. Sometimes this experience is accompanied by a often very loud noise (bang,...). Very often occurs a simultaneous and often very intensive pulse (explosion from inside), which lets the body twitch. This experience is very often triggered by disturbing noises. Rarely are own movements the trigger. The seeing of the lines is an indication of the possible existence of the super space 3 (frequency, see: "" and sub-points).

( Extremely strange sensation which can shoot suddenly through the whole body. It is comparable with a kind of pressure or explosion from inside. This experience is sometimes accompanied by tingling. It is often triggered by disturbing noises. It is rarely also triggered by sudden itching.

( Very sudden sensation of (very) short falling. This sensation is mostly accompanied by a impulse (explosion from inside) and a fright. The impulse and the fright forces often to a sudden movement of the limbs (wince). This experience occurs mostly shortly after the beginning of the dreaming phase. It can also occur at any other time during a astral dream. In such cases one gets roused by this experience. Mostly is this experience part of (the end of) these dreams. Example: One falls in the dream and the experience occurs. But also other dream scenes can trigger this experience. Example: One gets in the dream stung by a wasp and the experience occurs. The experience can also occur during dreamless sleeping phases and during deep relaxation states. The occurrence of this experience can be promoted by sleeping conditions according to "".

( Rare experiences, which often occur several times in a row: Here are rare experiences mentioned, which occur usually several times during a single relaxation state. These experiences can only hardly be experienced intentionally.

( Light sensation (explosion from inside), which shoots trough the body. This experience occurs at regular intervals (some minutes) and gets each time much stronger. Example: A weak experience will be followed by a medium experience and then followed by a strong experience.

( Very rarely one experiences a sensation, as if one would zoom with the eyes. This experience occurs at irregular intervals (some minutes or more). The intensity is at every occurrence different. Example: A strong experience can be followed by a medium experience and then be followed by a very strong experience. It is accompanied by a strange sensation in the whole body, which can be described as an kind of slow explosion from inside.

( Quite loud creaking and humming noise, which is accompanied by vibrations and explosions from inside. This experience has intenser pleasant after-effects and occurs at irregular intervals. Sometimes occur also other experiences of the group "" between the intervals. A short strange beeping occurred also as noise during such an experience.

( Rather indirect feeling of energy (aftereffects and side effects) Here are various indirect effects of energy mentioned. These experiences are usually not intentionally caused and are often also undesirable.

( Side effects under normal circumstances in the everyday live Here are side effects explained, which affect the everyday life (at work, on the way, at home during watching TV).

( The sensitivity of the parts of the body, where one feels the energy, increases. Any physical perception can be felt more intensively during the charging/sensation of energy. This increased sensitivity ends immediately, if the causes (feeling of energy,...) have ended.

( Sensation of floating, rocking or swaying. The floor sways often during walking, as if one walks in a slowly moving train. This experience can very often be percepted with closed eyes. But it is also with open eyes perceptible. This experience occurs mainly during mild relaxation. Especially, if one has a (by often or frequent dealing with energy caused) increased sensitivity to energy. Incoming supernatural transmissions ("") cause often swaying till jerky movement perceptions. Particularly during highly emotional and sudden transfers (if the sender gets a fright or gets furious,...).

( Side effects of interruptions of relaxation states Too fast interruptions of relaxation states can have a few side effects. These side effects has been mentioned here.

( If one stands up too fast during the relaxation, one can feel dizzy and everything can get black. Supernatural experiences can often for a short time be perceived significantly more intensive. The cause is the during the relaxation reduced blood pressure. If this experience occurs, one should sit down and keep sitting for some minutes, till this experience subsides.

( A longer lasting after effect is a extreme tiredness, laziness or weakness. This fades usually in a few minutes till a hour.

( Often one has a strange dizzy or woozy sensation (slight change of consciousness). The duration is dependent on the depth of the relaxation and the rapidity of the interruption. Usually this experience lasts a few minutes till a hour. It lasts rarely longer.

( Some very strong alterations of the states of consciousness are sometimes also possible. The fading is mostly quite fast. But it can take a few minutes till more than a hour, until this experience disappears completely.

( Often occurs here an experience, which is similar to "". One feels dizzy and gets slight disturbances of the sense of balance. That fades usually very quickly.

( By wrong charge state caused Energy side effects: Here are experiences mentioned, which can occur when one has a false charge state. A wrong charge state means, that one has too little or too much energy. Causes for wrong charge states can be: energy methods, concentration exercises, emotions, stress and strains, diseases, incoming supernatural transmissions (""), external influences and much more. Wrong charge states are not a "universal diagnosis". They are only side effects or consequences of other causes. The charge state can only become and stay normal, when the causes are eliminated. Wrong charge states are not a reason to stop the application of supernatural methods. The side effects are annoying, but they fade quickly. If the exercise level increases, will the wrong charge states become rarer and easier to fix. Note to the following points: Some dizzy feelings, which are similar to the dizzy feelings, which are caused by alcohol, should be controlled. Please learn it immediately, if such experiences occur. Appropriate methods to control such experiences are the correcting of the wrong charge state and, if necessary, the removal (elimination) of the causes. A balancing of the energy of the body can also help. Especially, if only parts of the body have wrong charge states.

( During too high charge states, it can be, that one feels dangerous strong dizzy. If symptoms from this group occur, one should wait till the symptoms subside, before one leaves the house. Some of the here mentioned symptoms of too high charge states have a similar description, like the symptoms of too low charge states. They are so similar, that the differences can only hardly be described in words. In this case can the differences only be recognized by own experience.

( The environment can sometimes be perceived very blurry.

( Often one feels a particularly lightness.

( Rarely one can also be wide awake. But one wants then still to sleep. One can have a strange sensation, to be exhausted (Despite the fact that one is "wide awake").

( An rather pleasant, but strong form of mental absence can occur.

( Headache is also possible.

( The tactile supernatural experiences can sometimes be perceived very intensive. This concerns in particular: "", "" and "". These perceptions can cause a slightly unpleasant sensation of pressure from inside.

( During too low charge states, or too high "consumption" of energy occurs: If these symptoms occur, one should sleep, rest or charge energy. Some of the here mentioned symptoms of too low charge states have a similar description, like the symptoms of too high charge states. They are so similar, that the differences can only hardly be described in words. In this case can the differences only be recognized by own experience.

( A increased fatigue or exhaustion occurs.

( Often one feels a extreme heat during falling asleep. It happens often, that one can not sleep, despite fatigue.

( Rarely one can be strangely depressed.

( One feels often a strange and sometimes unpleasant lightness, if the low charge state lasts longer.

( An more unpleasant form of mental absence can occur.

( Headache is rarely also possible.