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E = Only experiences and infos.

M = Methods and partly additional experiences for explantation.

Points, which you not can find here, can you find in the whole maintext. The pages here are composed from the maintext.

Some of the bases are also usable as methods (This is then the case, if no method is listed):

"1.2.5" Energyexperiences in relation with specific special abilities (and thematic basis)

"" Energy shifting

"" Encounter with out of body experienceing ordinary people and astral beings and empathy (The empathy concerns also physical persons)

"" Suspecting future things

"" Changing the consciousness

"" Influencing Matter (telekinesis)


(1.2.5) Supernatural experiences, which are related to specific abilities (and thematic basis): Here are supernatural abilities and states mentioned and described. To each supernatural ability are the most important experiences (or references to these) classed, which one can experience during the application of this ability. Furthermore here are some of the associated characteristic experiences listed. Some experiences are only listed here, other experiences are also listed in the other groups of the supernatural experiences. Such several times mentioned experiences consist of the original entry (the point, which has been classed at the systematically appropriate place) and one or several double entries (the copies of this point, which has been entered at the places, where the contained information is also required). Points, of which double entries exist, have backlinks with corresponding abbreviations in the right column. The content of the double entries can deviate from the original entry. Such double entries have special names and abbreviations. The names and abbreviations of double entries are: double entry (D): is a identical double entry; collected double entry (Ges. D): contains informations of several points; partial double entry (Tlw. D): contains deviant informations. The here listed points contain often basics for the respective methods. Whether and how an experience occurs depends on many things (own behavior, concentration and motivation, what one has eaten, kind of the method, incoming supernatural influences, emotions, environment, disruptions,...). Only few experiences occur only during the application of one certain ability. Example: One can see the colors of the aura also during out of body experiences and meditations. Therefore I have entered only the most characteristic and / or most important experiences in this group. All other experiences, which one can have or could have, are listed in the other groups of the supernatural experiences (the rest of the group "1.2").

( Energy shift: Energy shift is the shifting of a part of ones own energy to a other place. While one does this, one keeps still the full control of the shifted energy. The energy shift is suitable to investigate the environmental properties at the destination. One can learn this by concentration on the energetic perception of a specific sense (seeing energy, feeling energy,... that means perception of visible supernatural experiences, tactile energy experiences,...). One does this with the desire to be energetically at the destination, and to perceive this place ("Physical" data about this topic are in "").

( One can perceive the energy and the environment of the destination in the same way as one does during the remote viewing (see group ""). Some (probably even all) kinds of the remote viewing are energy shifts.

( One can investigate also the energy sensation (see method "M.2") of this environment. This can be done by concentration on the energy sensation of selected parts of the body (few practice required) or of the entire body (more practice needed). One can investigate some properties of the target environment by interpreting of the changes of the sensations of the energy.

( The destination of the energy shift is freely selectable. The energy shift is possible over every distance. Any point in each dimension (according to the physics (space, time,...)) can be chosen. One has only to define the target EXACTLY during the concentration. Important: The functionality of the energy shift depends from the accuracy of the definition of the destination (and the target time). Inaccurate definitions during the concentration worsen the results. The energy shift can not work, if one concentrates inaccurate or defines the target inaccurate. Example: "Somewhere in Africa" or "in Berlin" will not work. Also "someday 30 years ago" is too inaccurate. But "My room, left corner near the door at actual time" or "time, when the image was taken, viewed from the position of the camera" have good chances of success.

( Every arbitrary destination in every arbitrary time can be selected. But during the concentration are the exact definition of the place AND of the time very important.

( The maximum amount of energy, which can be shifted, depends from the concentration and the own experience. If the proportions of the shifted energy are high, it comes to a gradual transition to an out of body experience (this is mostly only or even always only during deep relaxation possible). One can have a dual perception during the transition (as if one has two bodies).

( Encounter with astral traveling normal persons and with astral beings and empathy (The empathy concerns also physical persons) The communication with astral beings can be learned with the method "communicate with astral beings" (see "M.3.2"). The here listed experiences occur during encounters, during which oneself is in the own physical body (and currently not making an out of body experience). Please note also the group "1.1.3", where the topic astral beings, astral travelers,... is described!

( One can see astral beings and astral travelers by the application of methods for the "vision of supernatural experiences". Astral beings and astral travelers show during the observation many of the visible supernatural experiences. But the frequencies and intensities of these experiences deviate from these, which can be observed at "living persons" and similar. Astral beings are inside often white or black and non-transparent. But they are not bound at the body of the observer. They move independently of the movement and the will of the observer. Outside of the astral beings are often colorful aura colors (see "") and inside are often some "movements" visible. The observing can be learned with the method "seeing the aura" (see "M.3.1").

( One perceives often at the whole body or at some areas severe and often very rapid changes of some perceptions of tactile supernatural experiences according to "". The perceiving can be learned with the method "building of the bodies own energy" (see "M.2"). Partial double entry to: ""

( Empathy (concerns also physical persons and currently not astral traveling persons, animals,...) This is emotional percepting of the presence of other persons, animals and astral beings. Feeling of their attitudes (whether they like you, have good or bad mood,....) to oneself. But this is also perception of their current emotional state (anger, love, sorrow,...). Oneself has then often strengthened emotional reactions to such persons (astral beings, animals,...). This can be learned with the method "supernatural transmission" (see "M.3.3"). It occurs often also as a "side effect" of the frequent application of some supernatural methods (particularly the energy method "M.2").

( Astral beings can apply exactly the same supernatural abilities, as we. Thus they are, according to the rules of this text, also able to contact or to influence. This manifests mainly by incoming supernatural transmissions ("") and other incoming attempts to contact. They use almost every mean to draw attention to themselves. But all this is can usually only be noticed, if one has a supernatural sensitivity. Many people have it already. But the most people must learn the sensibility by frequent application of appropriate methods (the kind of methods depends on the type of the ability, to which one wants to be sensitized).

( Suspecting of future things and events This includes two abilities. Unfortunately both can not be learned properly. They are at least detectable by own experiences. Please note also the group "" (seeing of the future). Please note, that also "" (remote viewing) can be appropriate, to look in the future.

( Sometimes one has spontaneous short "visions" in the next seconds of the future. Under certain circumstances it can happen, that one acts before or while something is happening (run to the stove, just before the water boils over). One knows also often if and when a event happens, before one can actually know it (money arrives at the bank account or not, arriving of deliveries, who is calling,...). This experience occurs particularly often during simple monotonous and repetitive actions, such as work or computer games. One "suspects" sometimes certain kinds of future events some seconds before they actually happen. This "suspecting" is mostly unconsciously. When one is attentive, one notices sometimes these "suspections" consciously, before they come true. If one does not notice them consciously, one notices these "suspections" only after they became true. One can not learn the intentional experiencing of this experience properly, but this experience can be experienced more often if one applicates frequently supernatural methods, relaxation techniques and silence of thoughts. The practicing of the thinking in the second layer of thoughts (see "") can also be promoting. Monotonous and repetitive computer games and works, which make at least a bit fun, can promote a more frequent occurrence. Double entry for ""

( Sometimes one has a strange feeling of premonition of the farer future. One can not interpret this feeling correctly during the experiencing. But nevertheless one knows somehow about an event, long before it happens (rather long term events, such as jobs or relationships). This kind of prediction is very accurate, but (unfortunately?) it can rarely be interpreted correctly, before the predicted event happens. One can not learn the intentional experiencing of this experience properly, but this experience can be experienced more frequently, if one applicates frequently supernatural methods and relaxation techniques. Double entry to: ""

( It is partly possible, to "receive" with the second layer of thoughts informations about events of the future and any other desired information about it. But this happens unconsciously and seemingly randomly. Intentional querying of the second layer of thought about future events is also possible. For that one proceeds following the method of "M.3.3.3" as receiver with the desire, to hear the future event. The functionality is based on "". During the application of this method one must also to take care, that the desired information is defined as accurately as possible. Example: You are probably not able, to give a general answer to too general formulated questions, like "Tell me something from the school" or "Say something from the home town". The second layer of thoughts is also not able to answer too general or too vague formulated questions. Take care to get a maximum precision!

( Altering the state of consciousness: Ability to be able to archive always and everywhere a different state of consciousness (increased or reduced). There are several possibilities to do this (without the... uhm "helpers" (drugs, medication, psychoactive substances, alcohol...)). The supernatural alteration of the state consciousness causes pleasant states and is not dangerous. BUT: It is important, to learn immediately at the beginning, how one can switch the state on and how one can switch the state off. Otherwise one can get problems in the everyday life. In all here mentioned possibilities it can help to concentrate sharply on a point in the body (Appropriate are head, neck or torso. Less appropriate are the limbs.). When it is pointed out, it is even a requirement. For the topic "point fixation" see "M.3.10". These alterations of the states of the consciousness can be triggered by a intentional concentration, which one has to learn by experience with the here mentioned techniques.

( Option 1 is to concentrate on the (physical) energy sensation and the normal breathing and to relax. During this one concentrates sharply on a point in the body and holds the concentration there stable. The required sensing of the energy can be learned with the "energy method" (see "M.2").
( Option 2 is the so-called silence of thoughts (See "M.3.4") in combination with the looking around in the environment or the hearing of music or the watching of television or similar passive actions (The concentration must remain stable during the choosed action or the action is (at least in the applied form) not appropriate). During this one concentrates sharply on a point in the body and holds the concentration there stable.

( Option 3 is a often by itself or as side effect occurring variant. It works by concentration on the (physical) energy sensation (see "M.2"). During that one attempts to observe visible supernatural experiences over longer time spans (see "M.3.1"). Here the change of consciousness occurs often suddenly and is mostly accompanied by a change of the visible supernatural experiences.

( Option 4 is the application of out of body experience methods (with open eyes or closed eyes) without actual exiting. Whether one wants to exit or not does not matter. Out of body experience methods lead very often to changes of consciousness and an intensification can be trained. Many of the methods can also be applied during walking, sitting or standing. I do not need to mention, that one should use them only, if one can not bring oneself and others by possible (by inattention caused) wrong behavior in danger.

( Influencing Matter (telekinesis) It should be noted, that these influences can also happen unconsciously.

( Influences of energy on matter (telekinesis): I have found some (often strong) deviations from coincidence in hundreds of own trials (by computer (online psi tests), by Geiger counter (influencing of the reading of the background radiation) and by dice (with up to 6 different dices simultaneously, which has been thrown about 2 meters across the room, to exclude physical influences)). I was concentrated during these tests on the desire, to get a specific result. The resulting deviations has been often of the desired kind, but often also the contrary. One can choose freely, with what one makes such tests. One can roll dices, one can measure radioactivity and manipulate the reading, one can also cause cracking sounds in the apartment, one can manipulate electrical devices,.... One should note, that the chances of success can vary, which depends on the desired action.

( The first experiments of a series of trials show nearly always the strongest deviations and positive results.

( High motivation improves positive results.

( Poor motivation or bored executing of the series of trials provides poor results (no or only little supernatural influence detectable, often even a opposite effect (example: One wants roll more often the 6 with the dices, but one gets steadily less)).

( The results depend strongly on the method. The more fun one method does, and the more exciting it is, the better are the results.

( The observation of a emerging result (rolling of the dices, falling of the coins) increases the number of positive results.

( The deviations from the coincidence can be, what one wanted (example: in a dice game one rolls more often the 6), but also the exact opposite (less often the 6).

( "Balance phenomenon": During an observation of the records of own trials, it can happen, that one gets due the joy of positive results quickly strongly negative results and vice versa. This can only be avoided, if one reduces the observation of the results to a minimum. Then are the results, despite the existing tendency to the balance phenomenon, much better. Please note also the physical basics in the group: ""